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18. August 2010

Ça roule!

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Räder bzw. alles was Räder hat heißt das Thema der Woche bei den drei Musen. Die Karte habe ich für den Vater meines Liebsten zum Geburtstag gemacht – er träumt schon lange davon mit seinem Roller vom Ländle bis an den Gardasee zu cruisen.

vespa - sole - lago di garda

Wheels (or things with wheels) are this week’s challenge at the three muses. I made this card for my sweetheart’s dad – he dreams of cruising from Stuttgart to the Garda-lake on his scooter.

  1. What a great card for a guy! Very clever, and very well designed. Thank you for joining in our challenge this week!

    by Bev — 18. August 2010 @ 17:51
  2. Was für eine geniale Collage! Diese Motivzusammenstellung und die Farben gefallen mir sehr gut.
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

    by manus — 18. August 2010 @ 18:29
  3. Oh what a lovely gift for your sweetheart’s Dad. Great composition and just the right images for such wonder lust. I hope he gets to live his dream. Brilliant.

    by taluula — 18. August 2010 @ 18:57
  4. Brilliant card and I hope your father in law gets to go on his trip, it’s so beautiful round there!

    by Astrid — 19. August 2010 @ 00:43
  5. Great present for a guy, Beautiful composition.

    by Christine — 19. August 2010 @ 04:29
  6. Wow! What a great collage and also a fantastic card for your sweetheart’s father. Beautiful artwork and design.

    by Marie — 19. August 2010 @ 10:57

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