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5. Januar 2011

Die gute alte Zeit…

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Altmodisches ist diese Woche bei den drei Musen gefragt.  Also doch mal wieder ein Versuch in Sachen Vintage.

good old days

The three muses have called for some old fashioned things this week. So I gave vintage yet another try.

  1. Who can!!!!

    You made me smile….. love the lace edging – so pretty.


    by missyk — 5. Januar 2011 @ 23:38
  2. Une belle grande dame, bautiful and sexy.
    Beautiful piece of art

    by pat — 6. Januar 2011 @ 00:59
  3. And a wonderful try it is! This is beautifully done, and a lovely vintage piece. Thanks for joining in our challenge this week.

    by Bev — 6. Januar 2011 @ 01:35
  4. Wonderful how it all came together Svenja !!
    The background – lace – flowers – quote and the stylish lady !! Very unique and enjoyable !!

    by rian (freubel-art) — 6. Januar 2011 @ 01:39
  5. What a great piece. I love the layers and the colors and the background is fantastic. Great piece!

    by Sadie B. — 6. Januar 2011 @ 12:09

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