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16. März 2011

Fliegende Fische

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Fische sind das Thema der Woche bei den drei Musen.

fliegende fische

Fish are this week’s challenge at the three muses‚.

  1. The poor fishies dream of flying. I like the vintage look this has.

    by Melisa — 16. März 2011 @ 21:34
  2. How can we tell them if they had wings they’d be wet??? This is a great addition to our collection of „fishy“ entries this week. It made me smile. Thank you so much for joining in the fun!

    by Bev — 16. März 2011 @ 23:20
  3. Your creation made me smile love it !

    by Marie — 16. März 2011 @ 23:20
  4. Lovely ATC. Artists have the power to make fishes fly, daisies gossip and white rabbits wear pocket watches… Isn’t it marvelous?

    by Christine Gomes — 17. März 2011 @ 05:32
  5. I couldn’t have said it any better than Christine, so I am with her. How lucky that as artists we can make ANYTHING happen. Thank you for sharing at the Three Muses.

    by taluula — 20. März 2011 @ 18:57

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