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13. Juli 2011

Mona mal wieder

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Die aktuelle Aufgabe bei den drei Musen besteht aus der Verbindung eines bekannten Gesichts mit Steampunk-Elementen. Ich habe mich mal wieder für „la gioconda“ entschieden. Mein erster Versuch in Sachen Schmuckgestaltung mit Stempeln & Co., technisch noch nicht ganz perfekt, aber dieses ganz kleine Format hat durchaus auch seinen Reiz.


This week’s challenge at the three muses‘ is to „steampunk“ any recognizable character. I decided on „la gioconda“ – for a change. This is my first attempt at jewelery-design using stamps & co., not technically perfect yet but this very small size has its own special appeal.

  1. Ein klasse Teil ist das geworden.


    by Renate — 13. Juli 2011 @ 17:51
  2. This is amazing!!! You did Mona too?? Oh, but how you’ve changed her–and for the better, I might add. Very special work. I LOVE this! Bravo!!!

    by Rose — 13. Juli 2011 @ 21:23
  3. What a wonderful steampunk necklace – fabulous work!

    by Jackie — 13. Juli 2011 @ 21:31
  4. Not technically perfect yet ???
    Well to me it is !!!
    I always love it when different craft techniques are showing in the three muses challenge !
    Thanks for your participation and I would proudly wear your necklace !

    by rian (freubel-art) — 13. Juli 2011 @ 23:25
  5. A great take on Mona and your work is great. Barvo

    by Kaylene — 14. Juli 2011 @ 01:13
  6. Meant Bravo

    by Kaylene — 14. Juli 2011 @ 01:13
  7. Also ich kann nichts Unperfektes entdecken! Gefällt mir sehr gut! Alles Liebe, Manuela

    by manus — 14. Juli 2011 @ 14:16
  8. What a lovely jewellry piece!

    by Lizbeth — 14. Juli 2011 @ 16:58
  9. I think it looks perfect! What a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear!

    by Terri — 15. Juli 2011 @ 00:33
  10. Oh wow, this is an excellent piece of steampunk jewellery. Fantastic, my friend.

    by taluula — 15. Juli 2011 @ 11:26
  11. This is just great! Mona is such a great subject for a steampunk make-over!! Great job!


    by Betty — 16. Juli 2011 @ 03:04

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