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30. Oktober 2013



Bei den drei Musen ist diese Woche die allseits beliebte Farbkombination schwarz-weiß-rot gefragt. Da war doch noch was… Diese Hochzeitskarte habe ich – unschwer zu erkennen – für einen Schachspieler und seine Liebste gebastelt.

In der Mitte steht das Hochzeitsgedicht von Wilhelm Busch: O wie lieblich, o wie schicklich…


Schachhochzeit Gesamtansicht


Schachhochzeit Detail Text


Schachhochzeit Detail Brautpaar

The three muses want to see the alltime-favourite colour-combo of black-white-red this week. There was something I’ve been wanting to show you anyway… I made this wedding-card for a chess-player and his sweetheart.

The text on the front side translates: A declaration of love is similar to a ches-opening – the consequences are in calculable.

In the middle section there is a wedding-poem by the unique Wilhelm Busch, I’m not very good at rhymes but I tried to translate the words for you. I tried my best to catch the elated tone of voice but I’m afraid I’m nowhere near. Hope you still get the idea:

O how lovely, how becoming, so to speak even joyous,

it always is for a neighbourhood

when two people of good wealth,

and also content with themselves

well, when those, I tell you people,

at last get together the papers needed

and also sort out their matters domestic,

and with honor and in due time,

step towards the civil registry office,

just as is, for those who love,

stipulated by the law.

Then everybody will cry with joy:

“Thank heaven, they’ve got each other!”

  1. Great cards, not too red 🙂

    by Ritva's ART / Ritva Sillanmäki — 30. Oktober 2013 @ 08:49
  2. WOW…da hast Du Dich aber schwer ins Zeug gelegt…

    by Gabi MeWi — 30. Oktober 2013 @ 10:44
  3. This is the most stunning wedding card in black and white and red. There can never be too much red! 😀

    by Taluula — 30. Oktober 2013 @ 21:49

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