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11. November 2009

In meinen wildesten Träumen

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Träume sind diese Woche das Thema bei den drei Musen. Und meine Träume sind eigentlich immer in erster Linie schräg. Deshalb finde ich, dass diese Karte wunderbar in die Kategorie passt. Gemacht habe ich sie für das laufenden ISDI-Projekt, die Vorgabe (von Ulrike) war dabei das große Rhinozeros rechts.


This week the three muses have challenged us to do something about dreams. My dreams are always and mainly weird. So I thought that this card matches the category very well. I made it for the current ISYI-project, the big rhino on the right was the challenge given by Ulrike.

  1. this is a scarey dream – great work

    by Penny — 11. November 2009 @ 13:10
  2. I love this one, Svenja. I have heard of pink elephants which people sometimes see when they have had too much to drink but pink rhinos? How delightful. Your picture is funny and quirky and cleverly done. The colours are beautiful. Great work!

    by Marie — 11. November 2009 @ 13:59
  3. Yes, dreams are often weird (last night, I had a dream about two tigers and one leopard) – but very interesting! Your piece is great, odd as dreams are!

    by Eila A. — 11. November 2009 @ 14:56
  4. Oh, this reminds me of childhood with the illustrations and colors you used…..mmmm…I like it!

    by ellie — 11. November 2009 @ 16:30
  5. What a great illustration of so many dreams, fragmented and populated with strange creatures! You’ve captured that world so well. I love the subtle gradation of color in your background. Thank you for joining us this week!

    by bev — 11. November 2009 @ 17:01
  6. ich liebe rhinos!!! und dein beitrag ist eine wucht! hat mich irgendwie sofort an das buch „wo die wilden kerle wohnen“ (kennst du sicher…) erinnert, eins meiner lieblingsbilderbücher!

    by johanna — 11. November 2009 @ 17:35
  7. oh wow!!! those are some strange dreams…but I think they inspired some wonderful art!!!

    by Diana Evans — 11. November 2009 @ 19:10
  8. What a great dream. I use to have dinosaur dreams when my boys were younger. This is sort of what they looked like. I love the background and the big Rhino you used.

    by elizabeth — 11. November 2009 @ 19:59
  9. Most dreams are totally weird aren’t they and it’s brilliant to be able to illustrate them sometimes. This is a stunning piece.

    by taluula — 11. November 2009 @ 20:02
  10. Beautiful background colouring Svenja! You really do have weird dreams, don’t you?!!

    by Rosie — 11. November 2009 @ 22:00

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