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28. Januar 2010


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Bei den drei Musen sind Zitate und Redewendungen das Thema der Woche. Da sich letzte Woche der Todestag von George Orwell zum sechzigsten Mal gejährt hat, habe ich mich für einen seiner berühmtesten Sätze entschieden. Absolut großartig finde ich allerdings immernoch den allerersten Satz des Buchs: Die Uhren schlugen dreizehn.


Quips and Quotes are this week’s challenge at the three muses. As George Orwell was sixty years dead last thursday I chose one of his most famous sentences for my card. To me, one of the most perfect sentences in the book is the very first one:  The clocks were striking thirteen. The german bit on my card translates „The quill is mightier than the sword.“

  1. I’m wondering why „Big Brother“ seems to have taken on the persona of Uncle Sam! A provocative piece, very well done. Thank you for joining our challenge.

    by bev — 29. Januar 2010 @ 02:16
  2. Very powerful art, Svenja, fantastic idea & creativity!

    by Judy — 29. Januar 2010 @ 05:58
  3. Tja was soll ich sagen ??
    Besser hätte man es nicht treffen können.
    Der Hammer.

    by Sandy — 29. Januar 2010 @ 08:25
  4. Tja, da kann ich mich Bev nur anschließend- sehr provokant und wieder so ein echter Svenja! Tolle Karte, nicht nur von der Aussage, sondern auch die Machart ist genial!
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

    by manus — 29. Januar 2010 @ 13:42
  5. love this!! very strong piece!!

    by femmy — 29. Januar 2010 @ 14:58
  6. Very striking piece, Svenja! Very creative.

    by Jackie — 29. Januar 2010 @ 15:29
  7. Looks great!

    by Hermine — 29. Januar 2010 @ 23:29
  8. „1984“ was written in 1948 and the catchcry „Big Brother is Watching you“ is alive and well in the 2000’s with closed circuit cameras everywhere, watching everything we do. And what a great line „the clock struck thirteen“ which was a chilling way of attracting the reader’s attention, promising more shocks along the way. „The pen is mightier than the sword“ really does apply to Orwell’s writing doesn’t it. He made generations of readers sit up and think about the changes going on in the world.
    Svenja, you have made me think and that is what a great piece of art should do. I love how you have illustrated your quotes. Wonderful artwork and a very sharp, creative mind.

    by Marie — 30. Januar 2010 @ 16:36
  9. This is very fine, I like it.

    by selma — 31. Januar 2010 @ 19:38

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