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9. Juni 2010

Ich sprang in die Seine und stahl den Eiffelturm…

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Ein Lied zur Inspiration ist diese Woche das Thema bei den drei Musen. Ich habe mich für einen Lieblingsohrwurm aus Zeiten der Neuen Deutschen Welle entschieden – weil ich Paris nunmal so mag *sing* und deshalb passt mein Werk auch zur aktuellen Herausforderung bei den Mittwochsstemplern: Dinge, die du magst.

Das war mein erster Versuch einer Shadowbox (winzig: vielleicht 7×7 cm) und ich bin ganz zufrieden damit – auch wenn ich fast meine gesamte Umgebung blau gefärbt habe und außerdem den schon parat liegenden Mond vergessen habe anzukleben. Aber hey, man muss manchmal einfach wissen, wann man aufhören muss, oder?

Taxi nach Paris

To take a song for inspiration is this week’s challenge from the three muses. I decided on a catchy favourite from the times of the Neue Deutsche Welle: Taxi to Paris. It goes something like: With a taxi to Paris, just for one day, just because I like Paris so much… Mona Lisa stuck her tongue out at me. … I jumped into the Seine and stole the Eiffel-Tower and when the lights went out she held me tight and told me to go hiding. … With a taxi to Paris, just for one day, just because I like Paris so much. Well, and “things we like” are the current challenge at the wednesdaystampers.

This is my first attempt at a shadowbox (it’s tiny: about 7×7 cm) and I’m quite happy with the turnout – although I coloured virtually everything around me blue and I forgot to glue on the moon I had prepared and ready. But hey, sometimes it’s all about knowing when to stop, isn’t it?

  1. great make!

    by Chris A — 9. Juni 2010 @ 23:51
  2. What a delightful little shadowbox. Very well done, and great page design. Thank you for joining in our challenge this week.

    by Bev — 10. Juni 2010 @ 00:55
  3. Gorgeous shadowbox! Sometimes less is best, I’ve found. I don’t miss the moon that didn’t make it to the shadowbox. I love the work as it is.

    by faye — 10. Juni 2010 @ 01:16
  4. Wow! Your shadowbox is fantastic. It is like taking a “mini” trip through Paris. The colours are wonderful. As for the song, I haven’t heard it before but what an imagination the writer must have!!

    Great artwork and great choice of song.

    by Marie — 10. Juni 2010 @ 01:29
  5. Such a fun song AND your shadowbox is wonderful … makes me want to visit Paris too 🙂

    by ~*~Patty — 10. Juni 2010 @ 05:19
  6. Its gorgeous. Love Paris too, been there just last april :o)

    by Hermine — 10. Juni 2010 @ 06:49
  7. Dein erster Versuch ???
    Fantastilös gelungen. Gefällt mir wahnsinnig gut. Klasse.

    by Sandy — 10. Juni 2010 @ 06:51
  8. a fun card indeed

    by amy — 10. Juni 2010 @ 07:39
  9. Klein aber fein!!!

    by Gabi MeWi — 10. Juni 2010 @ 08:35
  10. sieht KLASSE aus!!!

    by katrin — 10. Juni 2010 @ 08:38
  11. What a cool shadowbox and now I want to hear the song 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!


    by Linda — 10. Juni 2010 @ 13:01
  12. na an das lied kann ich mich gar nicht erinnern … bei mir ist wohl eiszeit??? 🙂 tolle karte jedenfalls!

    by belinda — 10. Juni 2010 @ 15:16
  13. Wow, das ist klasse geworden.

    Liebe Grüße

    by Rosie — 10. Juni 2010 @ 19:30
  14. Great job!

    by Janny — 10. Juni 2010 @ 21:02
  15. Gorgeous shadowbox!

    by Saskia — 11. Juni 2010 @ 00:48
  16. Beautiful shadowbox!

    by Willy — 12. Juni 2010 @ 18:29
  17. I really like how this turned out Svenja!! Bravo!

    by Rosie — 13. Juni 2010 @ 09:56
  18. Such a delightful shadowbox and a great song too! ~Sharon

    by Sharon — 15. Juni 2010 @ 01:18

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